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Hello and welcome to the online store of luxurious scents! Explore the best online store where you meet fragrances and experience the most luxurious fragrances designed to enhance every single moment. On our website, there's a wide selection of high-end scents from famous brands as well as original creations that will ensure you will find the perfect scent that matches your style and character..

Luxury at a Very Cheap Price

Who says luxury should be expensive with a high price fee? With the A.R. fragrance online shop, we're dedicated to making luxury accessible to all. Find a luxurious perfume with costs that won't break the budget. From the most exclusive scents to designer-inspired fragrances Our collection gives you the chance to enjoy the luxurious scents of luxury without having to dig a hole into your wallet. Give yourself a treat or surprise your loved ones with the luxurious gift of luxury fragrance at extremely affordable prices.

Long-Lasting Luxury Perfumes

Feel the luxury that stays by smelling our long-lasting scents. Made with the highest quality ingredients, and attention to detail our scents are created to last for a long time so that you can enjoy their luxury perfumes all day long. No matter if you prefer floral or feminine notes or strong or masculine fragrances, we have it all. lasting fragrances will leave an unforgettable impression wherever you travel.

Our Top Luxury Perfumes

     MODISH - Feeling fancy? This one's inspired by Y.S.L Tuxedo and is perfect for anyone, anytime.

     SPICE BLAZE (EXTREME) - Guys, spice up your life with this one! Inspired by Spicy Bomb (Extreme), it's sure to turn heads.

     GOLDEN ERA - Unisex and ultra-glam, inspired by Ombre Nomade. It's like wearing gold on your skin.

     EB WILD - Ladies, open up your wild side with this VS Tease-inspired fragrance. It's all about confidence and sass.

     Vibes - Guys, get ready to vibe with L V Imagination-inspired scent. Fresh, cool, and oh-so-irresistible.

     TAFFY - Sweet like candy? You bet! This one's inspired by Sweet Like Candy and is perfect for fun-loving gals.

     SWAGGY - Guys, channel your inner swagger with this YSL Y-inspired scent. It's all about that confident vibe.

     GENNY - Unisex and chic, inspired by Ganymede. It's like capturing the stars in a bottle.

     FREEDOM - Be free, be you! Inspired by Secret Scents, this one's perfect for those who dare to dream.

     KAFIYAT - Unisex and mysterious, inspired by Santal 33. It's like a secret weapon for your scent game.

     SAMAA - Unleash your greatness with this Oud for Greatness-inspired fragrance. It's bold, it's powerful, it's you.

     SPICE BLAZE - Guys, spice things up with this one inspired by Spicy Bomb. It's intense, it's daring, and it's you.

     TAQWA - Unisex and luxurious, inspired by Oud Satin Mood. It's like wrapping yourself in silk.

     SUCCESS - Guys, conquer the day with this Office-inspired fragrance. It's all about confidence and winning vibes.

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Ready to find your new go-to fragrances? Shopping from AR Fragrance can be simpler! Just head online, add them to your cart, and complete checkout in just a few clicks - plus they are suitable for all skin types and weather conditions! So what are you waiting for - but for yourself or someone special today.

AR Fragrance offers fragrances designed for all skin types and weather conditions - ideal gifts or treats! enjoy luxury without breaking the bank with AR Fragrance's selection of luxury perfumes. Best Luxury Perfumes at AR Fragrance